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Creating & Removing Directories

Creating and removing directories is a common task. Deno has a number of functions for this task.

The `Deno.mkdir()` function creates a directory at the specified path. If the directory already exists, it errors.
await Deno.mkdir("new_dir");
A directory can also be created recursively. In the code below, three new directories are created: `./dir`, `./dir/dir2`, and `./dir/dir2/subdir`. If the recursive option is specified the function will not error if any of the directories already exist.
await Deno.mkdir("./dir/dir2/subdir", { recursive: true });
Directories can also be removed. This function below removes the `./new_dir` directory. If the directory is not empty, the function will error.
await Deno.remove("./new_dir");
To remove a directory recursively, use the `recursive` option. This will remove the `./dir` directory and all of its contents.
await Deno.remove("./dir", { recursive: true });
Synchronous versions of the above functions are also available.
Creating and removing directories requires the `read` and `write` permissions.

Run this example locally using the Deno CLI:

deno run --allow-read --allow-write

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